Saturday, November 2, 2013

Working on the Shed

We're my husband is building a shed at The Windmill Cottage.  Currently we have all of our shed and garage stuff stored in our neighbor's garage.  This little cottage has a one car garage that is full of building materials, our deck table and chairs, grill and the kids outside toys and bikes.  We need to get our stuff out of the neighbor's garage before we can start work on the cottage.

This is going to be the strongest shed in the East.  Our little superheros pounded nails anywhere they could.  Bless my husband for being so patient.  Those 16 D Common nails aren't cheap, but we gave in and let the boys nail as many as they wanted.  We're finally learning to let go of the small stuff and not worry so much about the money.  The boys really felt like they were helping build the shed and that was priceless. 

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