Sunday, June 22, 2014

All Jacked Up

Wait...what?  Isn't that a Gretchen Wilson song?
Meet Mr. Hammer.  Jack Hammer to be precise. 
Other famous hammers come to mind.
MC Hammer
Arm & Hammer
Rogers & HAMMERstein
Okay, okay I digress......

We are going to expand the kitchen by approximately six feet.  In order to extend the kitchen, we have to remove the concrete pad that was once a screened in porch (the previous owners had already removed the back porch because it was in very poor condition).  Next the hubs can lay block and pour the foundation for the kitchen expansion.  Once we add onto the kitchen, we will build a covered back deck/ porch. 

It's not a huge cement pad, but it takes A LOT of time to "Jack it up"  demolish concrete with a jack hammer.  I didn't realize how slow the work is when one is jackhammering. 

My awesome hubs is almost done.  I think he's going to need a well deserved massage tonight!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Windows Resume in the Bedroom

The hubs and I have been pretending to be bats for the past month.  Well, not really...we just didn't have any windows in the batcave our bedroom.  It was great for the hubs while he was working night shift!  Me, not so much!  I can tell you having no windows makes it REALLY hard to wake up in the morning.  Not an ounce of daylight shines through OSB!

The Before

The After
Eventually all the plaster will be coming out of this room so we can rewire and add insulation.  For now we have this beautiful "trim work" to look at!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How A-door-able

Three sides of the house have been torn apart and put back together with OSB, foam board, house wrap and new windows. 
The front of the house has a new entry door! 

We still have a window to install on the left side.

The front concrete porch/ stoop had to be demolished to make repairs.  It wasn't attached to the house so there was a gap between the porch and the house that allowed water to seep down inside and damage one of the main support beams.
A little before and "work in progress" shot.

We are removing the window above the door completely.
 There is only a cubby attic space up there.

The hubs and I are still trying to decide on a porch roof.  That steep gable makes it a bit tricky.  We don't want a porch roof to cover up our new door.  We are planning on a deck porch with railing.  But we're not quite sure what we are going to do.  We have a couple of ideas in mind.  We just need to come up with the final plan!