Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some "before" pics of the Living Room

Just checking in with some "before" pics of the living room.
Mr. Windmill is working at a fast and furious pace to try to get this room done!  

This is the fireplace and front entry.  The arch to the right of the fireplace is going to be taken out.  We have plans to open up the entry space a little more.
You can see repairs to the mortar joints in the brick work of the fireplace.  Because it would be way to crazy (and dusty) to grind out all the mortar joints, the brick will need to be painted or tiled.  The two squares at the bottom had grates like you see at the top.  I think there used to be fans in those places to help circulate the heat.  
The grates at the top will be covered and the ones at the bottom will need to be bricked.  We are hoping to install a gas insert so we won't be needing the circulation.

This is the view looking into the dining room.

My favorite spot in the house is sitting in this double window corner!

Here you can see the glued on ceiling tiles, the wobbly ceiling fan and that strange hood thing that was mounted above the fireplace.  All of these things will be removed!  

So far the plaster has been removed, the wiring has been updated and insulation was installed.  We found quite a bit of water damage behind that tongue and groove.  The chimney leaked several years ago and was never repaired properly.  It's all fixed now!  
The master bedroom is next!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dining Room Demolition

You may have seen this pic on Facebook.  The one where it looks like the zombie apocalypse taking place inside our house......minus the zombies, unless you count my kids in the morning......or maybe me, maybe.......  #coffeefirst !

Here is our plan.

There is a small storage closet behind this door.  Because it's under the stairs, it's all awkward with a slanted ceiling.  We may be able to open this space up too....but we aren't quite sure yet.  For now, we know that this door will be gone!

And here's what it look like now!

Making progress but so much more to do!  My pinterest boards grow and grow!  It's all so exciting (and dirty).

All for now!