Friday, November 1, 2013

One Week To Closing

I am so excited!  We are one week to closing on our very own little cottage. 

We are actually living in the cottage because it belongs to very dear friends of ours.  We sold our house and needed somewhere to stay until the closing went through on our new house.  Our friends told us we could stay in their rental until we bought our new house and did some repairs to it.  Everything fell through for us and we gave up the house we had an agreement to buy.  We lost our hand money.  Lost money that we used on inspections.  Owed the bank money for title searches and the like.  Added a lot of stress to our lives.  But in the end, it was a very good decision. 
We weren't sure what to do, where to go.  Keep looking for a house?  We were really enjoying living in this little cottage.  We decided to ask our friends if they would consider selling their cottage rental to us.  THEY SAID YES! 

We have big plans for this cottage.  New kitchen, bath remodel, siding, windows, furnace to name a few.  I named it Windmill Cottage because there is a windmill in the backyard.  It is cemented into the ground and very tall.  It's a little bit of history in the neighborhood.  The original owners put it up.  We would like to keep the windmill but it needs some love.  Wire brushing and painting to start.  The windmill is not our first priority but it will stay.  It looks very rustic for now and we're okay with that.

I'm not one that counts her chickens before the hatch.  I tend to be very conservative about what I say and do just in case something doesn't turn out the way we want it to.  But I'm about to split at the seams with excitement.  I created this blog just for this little house.  I'm hoping I can record our journey of remodeling. 

Here's a picture of The Windmill Cottage.  I'm in love with this house.  I can see all the potential.

And here's a picture of the windmill. 
My husband and I remodeled our first home.  This time we are adding two little boys to the mix.  I swore after the first construction I lived in, I would never do it again.   Well, now I am going to eat my words.  But I just can't wait.  

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