Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fridge ~ Oven ~ Dishwasher

Today I am preparing for new appliances!  The appliances in the rental were not included.  So we needed to buy all new. What a shame bonus!  Truly a WOO HOO moment!  So today I am cleaning the rental oven.  I'm sure there is a much more earth friendly, less toxic way to do it....but I had this oven cleaner on hand and I know it works in 5-10 minutes. 
Hubby ran a gas line last night since we are converting from electric range to gas!  I fell in love with my gas range at the old house so that's what we opted for at The Cottage even though it cost a bit more to buy black iron pipe and fittings. 
We are picking up the appliances later today.  Just hoping that the fridge will fit through the front door.  Wish us luck!

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  1. I agree, nothing better than a gas stove. Love! Love! Love!