Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Chaos Cottage

The new oven and the fridge are installed!  The rental oven got a shine job and transported back to it's owner.  The rental fridge also got a shine job but it's still sitting in the middle of my kitchen, which by the way is kinda small.  The house is in complete chaos.  My husband's favorite thing to say is "It's gonna get worse before it gets better!"
We haven't even started knocking out walls yet. 


and more CHAOS!

We had to shove everything to one side of the room in order to get the appliances through to the kitchen.  The fridge did not fit through the front door.  Hubs and a neighbor friend had to take off the doors and freezer drawer.  Apparently they weren't that easy to get off and miserable to get back on.  Lucky for me and the boys, we were at the mall getting haircuts!
Once we get this place back in working order, my plan is to take some decent "before" pictures.
Well, gotta go get cleaning up. 

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