Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Clutter, Clutter, Paper Clutter

I struggle with paper clutter.  I've read all the tricks of taming the paper, applied many of them, but in the end I always have a pile of paper clutter sitting on the countertop.
My little superheros bring home A LOT of papers from school.  Then there are the recipes I've printed, the coupons I've clipped, the stubs of bills I've paid, precious artwork I want to know, the list goes on and on. 

At the old house I had a place for all of this stuff.  I was pretty organized.  At the cottage 80% of our stuff is still packed away in boxes because we are going to be remodeling.  No sense dragging it all out to have to put it all away again.  The boxes for school papers I want to save are buried under other boxes and so on.  I am totally NOT organized.  I need to get a system working.

I'm pretty good at sorting through the junk mail and tossing out anything I don't want right away.  But I need to get better at only handling paper clutter ONCE.  I am going to apply the "Touch It Once Rule".  Clip coupons, put them in the coupon thingy.  Go through school papers and toss out anything unneeded as soon as the kids get home.  Fill out forms and return immediately.  No moving paper from one pile to another.  Touch it once, put it away, throw it away and be done with it!
You know what kept me going and energized?  Songza!  Have you heard of this site?  It plays whatever kind of music you're in the mood for. 
Go check it out.
I was listening to a 90's Dance Party.  It was just the right music I needed to power through and finish the job.  Just as I put away the last piece of paper clutter "Who Let the Dogs Out" started playing.
I did a celebratory dance!  Woo Hoo~
Let's hope I can keep a handle on the paper.

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  1. When you are done, come over to the Cat Ranch and deal with our papers. Don't forget about the always growing burn/shred pile!