Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Special Delivery

The first batch of materials has been delivered for our big remodel project.
Pella was having a big sale at Lowes so we took advantage and bought our windows.  And of course Lowes offered us a Lowes credit card with an additional savings off our purchase.  We normally say NO to all the credit card offers but when you're spending a good chunk of change, you can save a good chunk of change.  So we said yes to the credit card and fully took advantage of that additional savings and ordered AS MUCH material as we could store to get started. 

In this delivery we have the material we need to make new steps to the basement and build some walls around the steps.  There are 2x6's, 2x4's, OSB and some foam board.  And we included a roll of wire 'cause that stuff is EX-PEN-SIVE (we wanted to use the credit card discount on it) and a roll of house wrap.  The windows will be delivered in two more weeks.

Lowes has this awesome forklift that puts the stuff exactly where you want it!  Plus it has tons of appeal to the six and four year old superheros that live with me!

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