Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hubby has been working on the install of our new furnace.  He's been working 6 and 7 days with mandatory overtime at his job so it's been hard to find time to work around the cottage.   But we have the best help!  My youngest superhero, Little A, is ALL ABOUT helping Daddy.  He helped fish the wire for the new thermostat.  And today, he is helping with the actual furnace hookup!  Kudos to my wonderful husband for being so patient and answering every single question!

And here's the Dynamic Duo installing the new furnace.

Hubs is planning on ripping out some old ductwork once Little A goes to school.  The joints are all wrapped in asbestos tape, so we don't want Little A anywhere near the ductwork. 

Our old furnace is making so much noise and it short cycles.  So we REALLY need to get this new furnace hooked up ASAP! 


  1. That is indeed one great way for a father and son to bond. Hahaha! Little A seems to be all over the furnace while helping his dad out, and your husband really didn't seem to mind having a little helper. I'm sure the furnace has been hooked up perfectly, seeing as how two heads are better than one. Thanks for sharing that fun moment, Brenda! All the best to your family! :)

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp Cooling and Heating

    1. Little A certainly was "all over" the furnace. I'm hoping that my boys are learning a little love for DIYing. And hopefully learning some skills from their dad. Thanks for taking time to leave me a note.