Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prepare the Stairs

This week we have been working in the basement.  Our biggest project is to move the staircase that leads downstairs.  We are eventually going to put a covered porch on the back of the house.  Our plan for the back entrance is to enter from the porch and be able to go straight down to the basement.  This will make future moves of washers, dryers, water tanks and furnaces MUCH easier. 

The first thing the boys had to do was take down the side wall of the stairs.  It was lovely!  Complete with vintage paneling and mouse droppings.  So glad to see that go!


Hubs let the boys help for a few minutes.  One with a crowbar, one with a hammer.  Yes, yes I know, they should all be wearing protective eye wear -- already added to my Wal-Mart list (insert terrible parent remarks here).
Here's a look of the wall all gone!
It's a good thing the stairs are coming out because several of the support posts were cracked.  I knew I felt like I was tipping when I carried a basket of laundry up. 
And here's a picture from the bottom up.
We have big plans for this little space.  But details for that will follow in a later post.

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  1. So exciting! It's the small things that makes the big differences. Can't wait to see more.