Saturday, May 7, 2016

Some "before" pics of the Kitchen

Demolition of the kitchen has begun!  In honor of this special occasion I thought I would share some pictures of what the kitchen used to look like.

This is the entrance to the kitchen from the dining room.

Walking straight in you come to the sink.  If you look through the brown windows you can see the new white window in the addition.  The kitchen will be extended out just like we did in the boys room.  

To the right of the sink.  

To the left of the sink.  That was the door that led to the basement.  But since Mr. Windmill reworked the basement stairs, it now leads to the addition.  This door and the whole wall with the brown windows will be removed. 

The fridge sits behind the sink. This is the opposite side of the dining room wall that will be removed.  Our plans for the nook to the right of the fridge will include a built-in desk and some storage.

After a day of wrecking the joint....
This is where the sink used to be.

This is where the fridge stood.

This is the view from the brown door that used to lead to the basement.

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