Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oops We Did It Again

What did we do?  We demolished something else in the house, again.  I use the term "we" loosely.  Hubs demolished, I took pictures and then used the shop vac (dirty work but someone has to do it).

Last April all of my boys started to prepare the basement stairs to be rebuilt and moved.  Little did we know it would be a year until we had a chance to actually tear the stairs out.

Here are some pictures from last April

 The kiddos removing a paneling wall.

A few "before" pictures from the basement.

As it looks now.
This is a view from the kitchen leading down to the basement.
And don't be jealous of my pantry.  OSB is so very versatile. 

One evening and a lot of noise later........

No stairs

To get to the basement to do laundry, we have to walk the plank... Arrrgh!
And scale down the ladder. 

This is a view of the bottom where the stairs used to be. 

Hubs had to add a few more joists to carry the weight of the house. 
Here you can see the outline of the stringers on the block wall.
The new stairs will be perpendicular to the block wall.   
Of course, my super heroes think this is the greatest improvement to the house ever!
They want to keep it this way!
I was told that adding a fireman's pole would make it way cooler!
We'll have to see about that!



  1. I want a fireman's pole, too! The first thing I thought was "how do you carry a basket full of laundry up the ladder?"

    1. Hips my dear I balance the basket on my left hip and use my right arm to climb. Hubs just shoves the basket up on the plank first and then climbs the ladder. I'm not quite tall enough to do that.