Monday, May 4, 2015

"Skirting" the Issue

Hubby started on the skirting of the back porch.  What a difference!  Little by little we are transforming our cottage.  We still need to install railing, but before we do that, our yard needs a little TLC.

Remember when we took down the big Oak tree?  Well, that left us with a big humped up area in the backyard.  The tree company ground off what stump they could, but we were left with a hump.  Plus all that heavy equipment driving around killed what little grass we had.  See that bump in front of the play set?

This big ol' pile of dirt is going to help us level out the yard and hopefully make that hump a little less noticeable. 

One whole day of earth moving.....and voila.............

Now on to planting new grass.

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