Saturday, July 25, 2015

Front Porch Progress

Hello friends and family!

I am over the moon to get a front porch roof and railing!  I can't wait for our house to finally look "finished".  

I should be painting, but I decided to sit down and do a blog post (now there's some time management ....).  With a rain-free forecast, I've been finishing up painting the last side of the foundation.  

Mr. Windmill got started on Monday.  
I'm sure all the neighbors were wondering why we never completed the siding in the front gable. 

A sheet of OSB to protect the door glass.
Smart move, Mr. Windmill!

And here it is!  A perfect shed roof.  
Mr. Windmill is A M A Z I N G !
I show him or tell him my ideas and he brings them to life!
He's patient too.  'Cause that roof design changed about 26 times before I settled.  Just ask my mom, she was the one who had to scrutinize a Pinterest board full of pictures and listen to me flip flop on all the pros and cons of each design.  
Thanks mom!

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