Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Not much to show you in the way of construction.  The hubs is working on shingling the back of the house.  We need to frame in the kitchen expansion.  And then work on the back porch. 

But in the meantime, as promised, I have new car window decals.
Gone is the stick figure family.  In it's place a little peace and love.

I found these decals by Dan Morris.  I am in love with them.  I love the colors and the message. 
With all the terrifying things going on in the world, I just wanted to show some love and peace.
So either people passing by will give me a peace sign or tell me I'm number one!  We'll have to see.

No matter what angle I shot at, I couldn't stop the glare on the left side of my car.

Peace and love to all of you! 


  1. I love them! We all need a little more peace and love. I especially love the world in the heart.

    1. If I could, I would wrap my whole car with this art.