Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Mother's Day Poem

As I look around my house, all I can see is a jumbled up mess.  It seems that no matter how hard I try, my house is always in a muddle.  This poem is exactly what my house looks like right now.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!
There's a pirate ship in my living room and cowboy boots in the hall. 
Flip flops left where they were kicked and I just tripped on a ball. 
Olaf is under my dining room table. 
Captain America’s shield has been disabled. 
Last night’s jammies still in a rumple.
A basket of laundry sits looking hopeful. 
I can barely keep up with the dishes. 
I’m trying to cook a dinner that’s halfway nutritious.
My countertops are a jumbled mess. 
But Jesus, our home, has truly blessed. 
For I have two little boys that are growing up fast. 
These moments will soon be in the past. 
So I pray dear Lord, let me slow down. 
Take in this mess that’s all around. 
Let me handle each moment with love and grace. 
And share lots of kisses on each one’s sweet face.

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