Friday, March 17, 2017

Apples and Pears


Hello everybody!  

I know, I totally fell off the face of the Internet.  I've been trying to nurture my inner peace and Kumbaya. I've been taking a break and sort of resetting.  The projects at the cottage, however, have been chugging right along!  

As each piece of the house started to come together, the stairs remained this dark reminder of what used to be.  

The stairs used to be behind a door in the hallway.

This is what greeted you once you dared to 
open that scary brown door.

And then Mr. Windmill started 
ripping it all apart in July 2016. 

Here you can see how we removed part of the wall on the very left.  We also removed a portion of the hallway wall and took out the doorway.  This allowed the staircase to have a much more open feeling. 

Here is a view from the dining room.  You can see more clearly how we removed the left wall at the bottom of the stairs.  The section to the very right of the stairs will be our new linen closet.  

Oooh, it's starting to look much better now! 
Fast forward to September 2016.  
The first phase of plastering started.

While I toiled away painting the newly plastered walls downstairs, Mr. Windmill was busy with the upstairs remodel (more on this in another post). This picture is just to reference what the stair railing looked like   before we replaced it and brought it up to code.

The stairs were usable as they were, but they were dinged-up and scratched, had many staple and nail holes that needed repairing, but the worst part.....  
Like wake the dead squeaky.  
So Mr. Windmill set to the task of tearing them apart and rebuilding.

Eeek, and here is what those stairs look like today!
In this picture, you can see the door to the 
new linen closet on the right.

A straight on view.  And no more squeaks. 
These babies are solid!

And a little sneak peek of the upstairs. 

Wow, that was a lot of pictures!  

Sanding, painting and staining is slated to start next week.  

Love and blessings!

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