Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Old Oak Tree

I haven't had much to show y'all lately.  We've had several setbacks.  So progress around The Cottage slowed a bit over the summer.
It all started with the big oak tree in the back that was struck by lightning a few years ago and was slowly rotting from the inside.

We had trouble getting a tree service to commit.  Long story short....we had a tree service do an estimate in May.  They scheduled us for July.  July came and went.  No phone calls, no show.  Poor business.  The guy never returned my calls.  Scheduled a couple different tree services to do estimates.  No show, no phone call!  Luckily one of my neighbors spotted a bucket truck, with the name of a tree service on it's side, sitting in the Lowes parking lot.  He jotted down the number, I gave them a call.  Within two weeks, we had the tree down!  By now it was the end of July!
We needed to have the tree down before we could begin the work of extending the back of the house and adding a back porch.


To save some money, we did the cleanup ourselves  (with the help of others)! 
We know some guys that jump to action with the mention of "free firewood"!
So we had some help!

And it's nice to know people that have toys!
Once again our neighbor came to the recue and asked one of his friends if he would help us out!
His friend has a huge farm with space to store huge logs!
He also has a skid loader!
So we said you can have the logs if you come and get them!
Done Deal!


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