Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I need an outlet

No really, I needed an outlet in the boy's room.  Make that an electrical outlet.  The Windmill Cottage was built in the 1940's.  There's lucky to be two outlets in a room.  The boys only have one outlet and it happens to be behind a bed.  I don't like to plug anything into it in case it arcs or sparks against the mattress.  We have two beds crammed into a 9X12 bedroom.

Since we moved in we've had an extension cord hooked up to a power strip to give power to their room.  They need a night light and a stereo.  The extension cord ran from the bathroom through the hall.  Lucky none of us has tripped on the cord. 


But today, the hubs and the boys cut in an outlet.  We can get rid of the trip hazard in the hall!  That's one small step but a much needed one!

My husband deserves a big pat on the back.  If he were to do this by himself it would have taken about 30 minutes tops.  But having the help of a 6 and 4 year old that insisted on stripping the electrical wire and screwing in the outlet for Daddy added an extra 30 minutes to the project.  Hubs said we'll be lucky to have this house project done before we are 50!  I think it's pretty neat that the kids are learning this stuff already!

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